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There are 5 key reasons we stand apart from the crowd:

1. Our experienced team. Jeff Vaida has over 25 years in the business, with a considerable portion of that time in the Knoll Planning Unit. This, along with the background of the rest of the staff, translates into our ability to assist you in all phases of a project, offering suggestions and considerations for an excellent finished product. For more information on our team.

2. AWI Quality Standards. We are members of and follow the quality standards of the Architectural Woodwork Institute. This organization has guided standards for excellence in architectural woodworking for decades. Our endorsement of these guidelines ensures a finished product of the highest quality. For additional information on AWI and its quality standards, please.

3. Facilities. We have the facilities and tools needed to create your design. This makes you more productive as we work together on all phases of your project. For more information on our facilities.

4. Complete Service. J.F.V. Designs, Inc., can work with you from concept to design to finished project. We have the experience, the quality and the equipment to offer a complete service for your projects. This allows you to be more focused and more efficient in your efforts.

5. Award-Winning Work. Our work and the work of our design partners has been recognized in trade journals as well as awards for specific pieces. This means you can be sure that we can not only do the work, but the results will achieve and perhaps even surpass your dreams. For information on our awards.


Imagination + Selection + Design + Fabrication = Satisfaction